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Taper Candles Smokeless Dripless Premium Long Wax Candles Unscented

Taper Candles Smokeless Dripless Premium Long Wax Candles Unscented

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Individual Premium Quality Unscented Wax Taper Candles

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10 inches or 12 inches

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These taper candles are 7/8 inches in diameter with a self-fitted end. Will fit in most standard candle holders.

Burn Time: Approximately 5 hours

These fine taper candles are clean burning, this means, you don't have to worry about wax spots here and wax drops there. These taper candles have a burn time of up to 5 hours; ample time to keep your special event illuminated and softly-lit with their dancing flames. Incorporate the soft, romantic glow of candlelight with your other luminous decorations to add elegance and whimsy to dinner parties, Weddings and Catered Events or add a relaxing touch to bedrooms and bathrooms. The tender beauty of flickering candles is perfect for any occasion, formal or informal.
These beautiful long taper candles fit into any standard taper candle holder. Add some romance to your event with these premium unscented, hand-dipped, dripless, smoke less wax candles.

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