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Set of 4 Hanging Blush Rose Garlands - 8 FT.

Set of 4 Hanging Blush Rose Garlands - 8 FT.

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Use on banister railings, backdrop Wedding Arches and Centerpiece Risers, fill a clear glass vase or simply lay it down the center of a table. It's also great for craft projects, wreaths, floral arrangements, hanging from trees or draped through tree limbs and it's awesome as a photography prop. The plastic vine has a loop on each end so you can hang it or attach multiple garlands together. There are 9 roses in full bloom and each is 3 1/2" wide so they won't be overshadowed by other decor. The roses are spaced 9" apart and the leaves in between are lovely and silky. This garland is approx. 6" wide. No water needed, no thorns to avoid and no annoying insects to shoo away! These roses are ready to glorify any setting they're used in and you can scrunch them and they'll pop back into shape!

Set of Four Hanging Garlands

Features: Hanging
Width: 6 Inches
Length: 8 Feet
Color Family: Pink

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