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Branch Molten Acrylic Charger Plate - Black

Branch Molten Acrylic Charger Plate - Black

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Add some style and texture to your tablescape with our Branch Molten Acrylic Charger Plates - Black. This plate charger offers a unique blend of classic elegance and sophistication. Its timeless black color gives off a classic look and is easy to pair with metallic colors, vibrant hues, and neutrals for formal events. These Branch Molten Acrylic Charger Plates are perfect for formal events like weddings and banquets.

The carefully crafted branch detail along its outer edge offers a perfect frame to highlight your dinner servings. These collar inspired acrylic charger plates have an inner diameter of 7.5 inches and an outer diameter of 13 inches. These offer the perfect base for your delicate dinner plates and cutlery.

These plates are made of acrylic, a naturally transparent glass-like material tinted in rich black. This lightweight material is easy to handle for servers and decorators. Not only do they look fabulous they also serve to keep food droppings off your tablecloths to avoid stains. They are also a durable option for guests to enjoy a hassle-free and stylish dinner.

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