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Set Of Ten Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Champagne

Set Of Ten Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Napkin 20"x20" - Champagne

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Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and charm with our 20 x 20 Champagne Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Napkins. Transform your table setting into a vision of opulence and luxury with these exquisite napkins that offer style and functionality.

Add texture to the tablescape of your wedding or special event with the allure of our Accordion Crinkle 20 x 20 Table Napkins. These superior-quality cloth napkins for weddings complement every color scheme and theme. Our crinkle taffeta napkins feature a beautiful serged edge that conveys an elegant appearance coupled with the soft sheen of pure taffeta.

Versatile Elegance for Every Occasion
Taffeta possesses an imperial sublimity that serves to complement your grandest banquets as well as play up your basic table settings for an upscale appeal. Taffeta is highly versatile in that it complements every kind of theme including vintage, country chic, traditional, and modern. The mesmerizing crinkles accented all over the surface lend a luxurious feel that makes the perfect finishing touch for your wedding, anniversary, corporate event, or any other formal affair.

Champagne, with its luxurious and refined essence reminiscent of sparkling wine, brings an air of opulence and sophistication to any festivity. Its warm and inviting tone exudes an understated elegance, making it a perfect choice for upscale celebrations. Versatile and timeless, Champagne effortlessly complements various themes and decor styles, infusing a touch of glamor and richness into any party setting.

Champagne-colored cloth napkins are a great way to accent your table as well as provide guests a means of protecting their lap from spills. Linen napkins are like artwork for your table. They can be dressed up or elaborately folded in a myriad of ways to bring dimension and enchantment to your table. These wholesale restaurant-quality cloth napkins cater to the wide needs of brides and wedding planners alike, and can be used for many years to come!

Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Napkin Splendor
Crafted from high-quality crushed taffeta napkins, these exude a luxurious texture with a delightful crinkle effect that adds depth and character to your table decor. Elevate your tables with the timeless allure of our crinkle taffeta napkins, a sophisticated choice for those seeking refined elegance.

Set your taffeta napkins against a classic tablescape with taffeta tablecloths. You can choose from a wide variety of colors. To add depth to your tables, layer your cloth with some table overlays. Complete your look with our 20 x 20 ivory accordion crinkle taffeta table runner. These subtle details will instantly elevate your dining set-up.

Endless Possibilities with Taffeta Napkins
Perfect for weddings, banquets, or elegant dinner parties, our champagne taffeta napkins offer an air of refined charm. Get your napkins in bulk quantities for big savings with wholesale prices. These napkins are perfect for ensuring consistency and style throughout your event. Let these napkins be the foundation for your creative table settings, allowing you to experiment with colors and themes effortlessly.

Dress your taffeta napkins in stylish accessories with stunning napkin rings. This subtle decor elevates your dining set-up for a luxurious feel. For a classic look, you can buy pearl napkin rings wholesale. These are perfect for wedding receptions and anniversaries. Party in style even when you’re on a budget.

Why Choose CV Linens for Your Wedding Napkin Needs
At CV Linens, we take pride in offering high-quality wedding napkins at affordable prices. We strive to deliver exceptional service as you shop for your perfect napkins, ensuring you have everything needed to make your event a success. Our wide range of color options and bulk pricing make us the go-to choice for wedding napkins.

Buy your table linens in bulk and get major savings with our wholesale prices. You can get even more discounts when you buy from our overstock linens. Mix and match from different options. Get free shipping when you order above $99. Add to your cart now and enjoy hassle-free shipping for top-quality linens in the comfort of your own home.

Shop Now and Elevate Your Table Decor
Whether you're a seasoned event planner, a DIY enthusiast, or a soon-to-be bride envisioning the perfect wedding reception, our champagne taffeta napkins are the ideal choice. These 20 x 20 cloth napkins are a versatile addition, complementing various table settings from grand weddings to intimate gatherings.

Find your perfect wedding napkins with ease at CV Linens. Our champagne Accordion Crinkle Taffeta Napkins in the 20 x 20 size is the perfect addition to your table setting. Create an unforgettable event with our napkins, ensuring your celebration radiates sophistication and charm.
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