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Set Of Four 24" White Glass Eiffel Tower Vases

Set Of Four 24" White Glass Eiffel Tower Vases

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Whether it's a grand wedding, a corporate gala, or an intimate party, these vases are the perfect choice for adding a touch of glamour to any occasion. Available at wholesale prices, our White Glass Eiffel Tower Vases make high-end event decor not just a possibility but a reality for your company.

The tower shape of these vases is not only visually striking but also perfect for creating dramatic floral arrangements. Whether you choose towering blooms or cascading greenery, these vases enhance the overall aesthetic of your event.

The clean and classic design of these white glass vases allows them to seamlessly blend with any theme or color scheme. Whether filled with vibrant blooms, delicate greens, or minimalist branches, these vases serve as the perfect backdrop to showcase the beauty of your floral arrangements.


From weddings to corporate events, these white glass vases are a versatile choice for elevating the aesthetic of any space. Their neutral tone complements various styles, making them a staple for event planners, decorators, and individuals looking to add a touch of sophistication to their occasions.

  • Overall height: 23.75"
  • Overall width: 5.25"
  • Opening diameter: 2"


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