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Mirror Round Charger Plate - Gold

Mirror Round Charger Plate - Gold

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Our Mirror Round Charger Plate (2 pcs) - Gold set is all about sophistication and glamour. This set of round mirror charger plates is the perfect foundation for your dinnerware that is unexpected and elegant. Enhanced with a mirrored finish and beveled acrylic diamond details along the edge, this extremely decorative charger plate boldly takes center stage as part of your wedding reception or special event!

A sophisticated charger plate helps keep tablecloths clean and adds a surprising touch of beauty to any table setting. With an overall 13 inch diameter and a 9.5" center diameter, this elegant mirror glass charger plate makes a great base for a layered table setting to can hold a variety of courses including soup bowls, salad plates, dinner plates, dessert plates, and other dishes, or even act as a serving tray for drinks. This diamond rim charger plate is embellished with a total of twenty-three 1"x1.5" acrylic diamonds for an enhanced style that will make any event more elegant, especially when part of the wedding decor. Thanks to its bejeweled trim and mirror glass finish, it will reflect your dishware beautifully.

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