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Set of 8 Panda Bamboo Rhinestone Napkin Rings

Set of 8 Panda Bamboo Rhinestone Napkin Rings

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The rhinestone embellishments on these napkin rings bring a touch of glamour to your event decor. The sparkle and shine add an element of luxury, making these panda bear napkin rings a perfect choice for special occasions, celebrations, and events that demand a touch of opulence.

Elevate your event with this set of panda bear napkin rings, creating a cohesive and whimsical theme for your table settings. Ideal for themed parties, birthdays, or any event where you want to infuse a sense of fun and glamour, these napkin rings are sure to capture attention.

Add a touch of glamour to your event decor at an affordable price. Our Set of Rhinestone Panda Bear Napkin Rings is available at wholesale prices, ensuring you can achieve a distinctive and luxurious look without exceeding your budget.

【Material】:These napkin holders are Made of durable metal, Sturdy quality and exquisite workmanship.

【Size】:2.08*2.16 inches, Ring:2.0cm/1.57in

**PLEASE NOTE: This item is designed by our company and produced overseas in our production facility. Your item will be shipped in 1-2 weeks. If this will not make it in time for your event, please do not place order. Orders placed cannot be refunded due to production that occurs when you place the order. Thank you so much! **

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