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4” x 10 Yard Snowflake OnVelvet Ribbon

4” x 10 Yard Snowflake OnVelvet Ribbon

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Luxurious Navy Blue Velvet Ribbon

  • Collection: Midnight Frost Collection
  • Features: Wired Edging for Easy Styling
  • Texture: Snowflake-Stitched Look
  • Color: Navy Blue
  • Versatile: Perfect for Various Design Styles

Indulge in the sophistication of our luxurious navy blue velvet ribbon, a timeless staple from our exclusive Midnight Frost Collection. Its wired edging allows for effortless shaping and styling, ensuring your creations stand out with elegance.

The snowflake-stitched texture adds depth and allure, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. This ribbon is an exquisite addition to your creative repertoire, inviting you to craft captivating designs.

Styling Suggestions:

  • Layering: Create depth and dimension by layering this ribbon with silver and white elements.
  • Sophisticated Design: Craft mesmerizing designs by incorporating this ribbon into wreaths, gift wrapping, or decorative accents for a sophisticated touch.

Elevate your creations with this navy blue velvet ribbon and infuse a touch of opulence and charm into your design projects.

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