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4 PACK 8"x8"x8" Square Glass Cube Vases

4 PACK 8"x8"x8" Square Glass Cube Vases

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The 8" glass cube vase is an excellent choice for creating masterful wedding centerpieces. Our glass cube is perfect for holding succulents or plants. Use this glass cube as a modern but elegant statement piece for any home or office.

Dimensions - Height: 8" | Opening: 8"x8"

Quality - Hand-blown crystal clear glass, not machine made. Crafted with thick glass for

durability. (Minor imperfections may exist due to the product being handmade) Dimension Deviation ≈ 0.1"-0.25"

Design - Made from high-quality durable glass these cube vases are classic pieces excellent for any setting. Constructed with thick glass it is the perfect item to compliment any office or home.

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